In Italian, as in some Romance languages, the word ospite contains the double meaning of the one who hosts and the one who is hosted. Already in the past, the Latin word hospes and the Greek word xènos contained the identical double meaning.

This extraordinary linguistic trait common to some of the countries bordering the Mediterranean - Italy, France, Catalonia, Spain - reveals a specific cultural context.


The term hospes is to be found in a historical context of belonging to a culture of the sea, of the voyage, of the road, of trade, of pilgrimages, in which the relationships established between those who welcomed and those who were welcomed were so close and binding as to generate a relationship of reciprocity, a profound and sacred pact of hospitality that made the two roles interchangeable.


There is much, much of our mission in this concept.

An anthropology of welcome and hospitality, where kindness, care, attention, sensitivity, fairness and professionalism have always been our values.

Allowing you to be guests in the homes of friends, in wonderful and intimate places, has been our joyful mission for 35 years. It is a silent pact between us and you, which commits us more and more to do better, to produce new and courageous ideas, with the enthusiasm and tenacity of women when they espouse a cause in which they deeply believe.

Our commitment is to earn your trust, to build authentic links with territories and landscapes, both human and natural, with women and men who turn their passion towards ethical and sustainable work, which does not destroy but creates awareness and respect. Thank you for being with us in this extraordinary adventure.