Foto e video

Our photo and video service for events

Today, with the advent of the drone, our videomakers are able to offer an all-round service of the highest quality. The video contextualises the footage and places it in the landscape and the surrounding environment and allows for a great versatility of shooting points. There is also a fascinating range of super 8 filming, both in colour and black and white, for vintage and slightly retro events.

The emotion of telling a story, a fragment of life, a light, a glance, a nuance. Stopping time in a fraction of a second and allowing that single moment to become eternal. The term photography derives from the conjunction of two Greek words phôs and graphè, with the evocative meaning of drawing light. Exterior and interior light, a vital element that outlines our life, memory and emotions. We have an excellent selection of professional photographers, gifted with technique but also sensitivity.

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