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  • Typology
    Typology Villas
  • Beds
    Beds 7
  • Bedrooms
    Bedrooms 3
  • Bathrooms
    Bathrooms 3


Type: Detached villa with private beach access Region: Sardegna
Area: South-East - Coast: Villasimius
Municipality: Villasimius - Province: CA
Airports and ports:
Port of Cagliari: 65.5 km
Port of Olbia airport and 270 km
Alghero airport: 280 km

Beds: from 2 to 7
Bedrooms: 3 - Bathrooms: 3
Services: Private parking, veranda with a splendid terrace, private access to the sea.
Comfort and accessories: TV with satellite, washing machine, dishwasher

The beautiful detached villa is located within the Nuraghi, opposite the island of Piscadeddu.
The villa is about 200 square meters, 'consists of three rooms bedrooms, two doubles and one with three beds (can not be joined), living room with fireplace, satellite TV, fully equipped kitchen with oven and dishwasher, a bathroom with two showers and one with shower.
The veranda with magnificent sea view has a table and wicker furniture. Beautiful and very unusual even the rooftop garden of the villa.
It reaches the sea through a private beach.

Services nearby: Market 1.5 km the first restaurant 1.5 km pharmacy 4 Km newsstand 1.5 km

Cities nearby: Villasimius 4 km Cagliari 4 km Cagliari and countries nuragici neighbors. The coast.

Area news: Due to its strategic location, the area was inhabited since ancient times, as testified by the remains of nuraghi (XIX - th century BC), from ruins Phoenician - Punic (VII - II century BC) and Roman (third century BC - sixth century AD ). Judicial period, Aragonese and Spanish territory was the subject of continuous barbarian attacks, and therefore it was progressively depopulated. They are vestiges of the Spanish period some towers and a coastal fortress (Old Fortress) (sec. XVI - XVII). The village, which later evolved up to its current, originally called Carbonara (the name appears in documents as early as the thirteenth century), was repopulated since the beginning of '800 and was a municipality in 1838. On August 17, 1862 the City Council chose to change his name to Villasimius. Do not know the reasons for that decision. Originally economic resources Carbonara - Villasimius were mainly related to agriculture and pastoralism (no fishing, despite the sea), and from 1875 to the 50s including the extraction of granite. Tourism for summer vacation starts from the 50s, but only after the '60s is developed as a core business, making the place one of the most popular of Sardinia and the Mediterranean. In 1998 (Decree of 15.09.1998, amended by Decree of 03.08.1999 - OJ n. 229, 09.29.1999) in the territory of Villasimius was established the Marine Protected Area of Capo Carbonara The main beaches of Villasimius, from the south coast (Mediterranean) to the east (Tyrrhenian), are: Porto sa 'Ruxi, Piscadeddus, Campus, Cuccureddus, Campulongu, Rice Beach, Marina Beach, Fortress, St. Stephen, Cala Catherine Cala Gully (adjacent to Cape Carbonara), Cava Usai, Port Rush, Notteri, Timi Ama, Simius, Is Traias, Moon Harbour, Manunzas, Riu Trottu (crooked river), Punta Molentis, Procceddus.

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