Verdidea Group has always been composed by women. In the 80’s we were born as a cooperative made up from young boys and girls, but we have always been characterized by a female decision-making.
Joking we like stating that we practice a reverse gender discrimination. We are joyfully proud to be women.
Our everyday job remembers us the inner sense of responsibility we are called upon, taking care of a really special moment of our guests’ life.
Our holiday is full of many desires and expectations, for us, for the people we love, for our family. In the Verdidea Group’s charter of principles ethics is at the first place.
Proposing to our guests solutions actually in line with their desires, with awareness, integrity, sensibility and responsibility, highlining each positive or negative detail in order to identify the right choice.
This has been our wonderful job from 32 years. Is it an approach to archaic and old-fashioned principles? Maybe, it is, but we could not do it differently.