Team of professionals

We have always been all women. We are motivated, professional and enthusiastic about our job. We have always been extremely aware of the big sense of responsibility concerning people who deal with holidays and events, very important moments in everyone’s life which are full of expectations and desires. Our commitment focuses on the ethical and value-driven aspects. It converges on every single detail of your holiday and reports, and to the customer loyalty which represents for us an enormous joy.

32 years of experience

We began “ante litteram”, in the 80’s, when no one ever discussed about tourism in the less known territories, in the countryside, least of all about cultural tourism. The first national law about rural tourism sector was adopted in 1985, but the real perception of this revolutionary opportunity occurred in the 90’s. We crossed 30 years of tourism history in Italy, growing up more and more every year, step by step. We created contacts and synergistic relationships with the territories in which we operate, being persuaded that making a network means increasing ideas and planning, efficiency and services.

More than 2600 suggested residences

We began in 1986 with 12 residences in a little village in the province of Siena like a little and hard-working ant which at that time was an invisible dot on the map. Today Verdidea Group commercializes more than 2600 residences comprehensive of castles, villages, villas, resorts, charming hotels, SPAs, historic mansions in art heritage cities, agritourisms. Each residence was directly selected by us, taking care of each single detail, and it is faithfully and correctly represented.

Countries of origin

We work with the most important markets in our field from the luxury to cozy farm houses in restored biological firms through bio-architectural techniques. Our customers are mainly foreigners coming from both European and extra-European markets. Our guests travel not just for holiday, but for business, study, motivational interests (courses, stages and seminars), events and weddings too. The wealth of reservation from the Scandinavian, the America, the Canadian, the Australian, the Israeli, the Indian markets make possible a relevant flow deseasonalisation.

Distribution of the product

Verdidea Group was a small market player at the beginning of its activity, while today it is one of the most important tour operators commercializing the high-quality Italy product both in the domestic market and in the international one. The regions extend from the central part of Italy to the South, the islands and most recently a part of the North with Veneto, Piemonte, Liguria, Emilia Romagna, while Lombardia and Friuli Venezia Giulia are on our agenda. Our international experience as local development projects advisors in communitarian projects area let us directly relate with prestigious areas, which today are part of our offer as the Mediterranean, Provence, Catalogne, Greece and Portugal.

The art of reception

Our evaluation principle for the selection of residences and resorts included in our commercial circuits is characterized obviously by the location, the lack of problematic issues which could make the holiday less enjoyable by our guests, by the quality of the interior, the services but also and above all the quality of hosting. The welcoming philosophy of Verdidea is “be guests in our friends’ house”, a principle we are glad to share with our residences and resorts owners, which mostly are great friends to whom much we owed for our success.

Our Owners and Suppliers are our Friends and Fundamental Collaborators

A good partnership always generates excellent results