In italian, as well as in some others romance languages of Indo-European origin, the word guest has the double meaning of the person who host, opening its house, and of the person who is received, the foreign. 
In the past the term latinohospes and the Greek term xènos included already the same double meaning. This extraordinary linguistic tool, which is common to a part of the Mediterranean coastal countries, Italy, France, Catalogne, Spain, reveals a specific cultural context. The term hospes has to be identified in an historical context of a see, travel, road, trade and pilgrimages belonging culture, in which the relationships established between the host and the guest were so close and bindings to generate a reciprocal relationship, a deep and holy hospitality deal which make exchangeable the two roles, enough to promote the use of the same word.


In the view expressed, there is a lot of our mission. A welcoming and hospitality anthropology, in which kindness, care, attention, sensitivity, correctness and professionalism has always constituted our value map.
Letting you be guest in our friends home, in extraordinary and cosy places, it has been our joyous mission for 33 years. It is a silent deal between you and us, which encourage us to do more, to do better, to produce new and brave ideas, with the enthusiasm and the persistence characterizing women which are engaged in a cause in which they fully believe. 
Our commitment is to deserve your trust, building authentic links with territories and landscapes, humans and naturals, with women and men which address their passion through an ethical and sustainable work, which does not destroy but it creates awareness and respect.


Thank you to be with us in this adventure.