Thirty-three years of passion

A group of friends, a common life path, characterized by enthusiasm and an extraordinary commitment to our territory. In October 1986 in a little village in the south of Siena a cooperative of young people was established. It was not an economic project, but rather a cultural idea for the promotion of a new kind of tourism. We wanted to demonstrate to our selves and to the whole world that a new kind of tourism was emerging, an environment-friendly tourism, in order to promote the cultural and anthropological heritage of our territory, social and economic historical inheritance of the less known part of Tuscany.
We began to work concretely in the first part of 1987 in a 14 m2 office, producing our first catalogue Sogno Toscano with only 12 units, among renovated house-farms and little houses in the city center. All this was happening in Celle sul Rigo, a tiny and lovely medieval village with a population of 700 people, the last Tuscan garrison in the south of the province of Siena bordering with Lazio and Umbria. Much has changed since that time. From 1994 we are an incoming Tour Operator and we provide our product to the major European, American, Canadian, Australian and Asian trading partners. In 1996 Verdidea moved its offices in the city center of San Quirico d’Orcia.
Since 2002 our offer was enhanced with the new elegant printed catalogue Collezione, which supported the traditional Sogno Toscano and the most recent Sogno Italiano and Sogno Mediterraneo, a collection of the most prestigious properties for very special occasions. From 2007 our headquarter was established in the countryside of the mellow Val d’Orcia, between San Quirico d’Orcia and Bagno Vignoni, in the accurately renovated Leopoldina.

The journey goes on

Today we commercialize more than 2.600 properties, not only in Tuscany, but in the whole Italy from Piemonte to Sicilia, from Veneto to Sardegna, in addition to some Mediterranean countries as Greece, Provence and Catalonia. Our offer is organized taking into account prestigious products, separate villas with private swimming-pool, gorgeous mansions, agritourisms, charming hotels, lovely b&bs, wonderful relais and historic buildings in the most important Italian art heritage cities and an extraordinary selection of the best Italian SPAs.
Each mansion, villa, resort, charming hotel is directly selected by us with the utmost care and attention, appraising not only the qualitative assets and every single detail, but also the quality of reception and the owners’ goodwill, who have become by now good friends.
We take care of your holiday being aware we are handling a very special moment in our guests’ life, which is full of expectations and desires that we want to fulfill in the best way. Our entire team is composed by women, motivated and professionals, whom sensibility and enthusiasm have always been characterizing the history of Verdidea.
In the last years to the reception activity we added the wedding planner and event management one, as well as the business meeting management, the location scouting activity and all sorts of concierge service, thematic and experiential activities. We expanded our operational areas, but we preserved the same care, the same professionality, the same integrity and reliability that let us guarantee, for more than 25 years, charming holidays to thousands of guests coming from all over the globe, welcomed in our residences and followed by our assistance. Our group is a real Women’s Republic, where sensibility and emotional approach characterized the founding choices and guidelines of our enterprise development.
Thanks, you all, guests and friends, because in these 33 years you expressed your appreciation for our commitment and our passion. Thank you very much. And the story goes on.

Our team

Nicoletta Innocenti

The owner. Coordination, planning, external relations, expos and product selection. She has always been working with Verdidea. She has a Master’s degree in Philosophy and Letters, Aesthetic curriculum at the Università di Siena. She cooperated for more than 12 years in EU projects as a sustainable tourism and territorial marketing expert. She loves discovering the world, making photos, hugging and listening to Caterina, her daughter, who now is a young woman. She is socially engaged, she takes care of the environmental protection and sustainability and she also deals with social anthropology and solidarity.

Lara Taccioli

Contracts and accounting, booking, events. She has been working with Verdidea since 2000. She graduated in Arts, architectural design curriculum at the Istituto d’Arte di Siena. She loves music, design, flowers, good wine and genuine food, sleeping and being kissed by Sofia, Matilde and Caterina, her three sweethearts.

Elena Sodi

Booking, services, baby-sitting activity and wine-tasting. She has been working with Verdidea since 2011. She graduated in Classic studies at the Liceo Classico di Montepulciano. She loves lightness and peace of mind, dancing, travelling, culture and historic traditions. She has a passion for oenology, she is a National Association of Wine Testers member and the perfect member of her village’s contrada. She takes care of animals and nature preservation.

Silvia Savini

Wedding and event planner, booking, product selection. Se has been working with Verdidea since 2015. She has a Master’s degree in Economics, Management and Business Administration curriculum at the Università di Siena. She got a PhD in Strategic Marketing at the Università di Bergamo. She loves smiling and making people happy, she has a passion for fashion in every way, she never does without hanging out with friends and drinking good wine!

Linda Bernazzi

Webmaster and webmarketer, SEO specialist, contracts and booking. She has been working with Verdidea since 2016. She has a Master’s degree in Archaeology at the Historical Science Department and Cultural Affairs at the Università di Siena. She loves traveling and exploring new realities, music, outdoor activities and sport. The desire of knowing and promoting the territory in which she was born and in which she has always been living, Val d’Orcia, drove her to archaeological studies combined with the exploitation of new technologies.

Caterina Sani

She is an associate of Verdidea Group, with her mother Nicoletta Innocenti. She has a Master’s degree in Italian linguistic, European literary culture, Linguistic science at the Università di Bologna. She has a Master in printed and digital Publishing at the Scuola Superiore di Studi Umanistici of Bologna.
She devised the baby sitting service and other activities associated to holidays in Verdidea’s residences, by now she follows from distance the activities of the company. She loves books, good food, ballet, the hills of Val d’Orcia and her “Fufy”, Luna and Chanel.